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Since 2004


The Mendon Cycle Smith is a full-service bicycle shop, offering repairs, tune-ups, overhauls, professional wheel building, and maintenance for nearly any make or model. 

Bicycle Services

  • Tune-ups and routine maintenance

  • Wheel building

  • Cannondale fork service is $85 for labor, seals and oil. Other parts if needed, would be extra, and I cover half of return shipping as well. Turn time is typically a week or less.

  • Cannondale Lefty and Head Shock Service Form

Lefty & Headshock service order form

Use the form at the bottom of this section for work orders only. Got a question? Use the question form please, look to the right....


"How does it work?"


Fill out the form, box it up, ship it out. Within about a week of arrival, I will be in touch via your email, with total, tracking number, service breakdown, and cover how to pay. Credit card, Paypal, checks, money orders, cash, they all work. 


Starting in 2021, I'm tacking 3% onto all bills paid by credit card or Paypal, as that is what I'm charged by my processor. If you would like to avoid this fee, simply include $85 CASH (no checks for this please, cash only), with your inbound fork, and I will bill you for the balance once the work is completed, no extra fee. 

Hybrid Lefty fork owners note! 2013 or newer, Leftys, characterized by the lack of a boot at the lower end? The fork leg needs to be completely clean, smooth and free of any damage whatsoever. If any of these conditions exist, the fork needs to go back to the factory for repair. Forks sent to Mendon Cyclesmith with damaged legs unfortunately will be sent back at the owner's expense.


Also, please note, I am not able to provide service on the Ocho or Oliver product lines, sorry for any inconvenience that creates.

Got a Question..

Have a question about your Lefty or Headshock or anything else...



Specializing in Lefty
& Headshock Service and Repair


The Mendon Cyclesmith is not just a bike repair and retail shop but also your premier Lefty and HeadShock service facility. I've also had more than 30 years experience with building wheels, and have built more than I can count, most of which are still rolling today.



Opened in the spring of 2004, the shop serves the needs of cyclists in the mountain, road, and family/recreational cycling communities. Owner Craig Smith has over thirty years' experience as a cyclist, outdoorsman, mechanic and builder. He is well known online in the MTBR forums as one of the most knowledgeable and versatile bike technicians in the country

As a small bike shop, I pay less on overhead and it shows in my pricing. Call for pricing on anything you need from service to the purchase of products. I can help with most repairs, service, and custom tuning. Most of the time I can get you the best price on bike parts and gear.


Monday, Thursday, and Friday

10:00am - 6:00PM

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Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday


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